Currently working from my studio shop near where I grew up in Ashburton, New Zealand, it was actually late into my 8 years in Melbourne that I found my love for ceramics.
Following 5 years tertiary studies in photography, a brief stint in graphic design and a few years as a marketing account manager, I started wheel lessons with the amazing Sarah Schembri. This soon led to becoming Sarah's assistant - an opportunity I am forever grateful for, and was able to learn on the job under amazing guidance. This led to great opportunities having my work in Melbourne cafes and shops.
Fast forward a couple years and Sean, Alfie (dog/first baby/studio mascot) and I made the move back to my hometown of Ashburton, New Zealand in June 2016. We purchased our first home in 2017 and welcomed our daughter Freya in June 2018. Our son Harry followed in June 2020 and another dog (Maddie) to the pack and here we are!